I40A1808My name is Donna Thomas and I live in the Rose of the Shires county of Northamptonshire.

I went to Catering college when I left school and worked in the industry for a few years before deciding to leave the unsocial hours, and for the next 26 years I worked in IT. It was a complete change and have had a good career, but I have never lost my passion for all things food related and for cooking different recipes. I have always had a thought in the back of my mind that I would go back into the food industry, sometime, somehow.

That time is now in the shape of DonnaLulu Cooks. I have always cooked and baked from an early age when I used to watch and learn from my Nan then my Mum. My cooking has been tasted and tested on numerous people over the years. A lot of it has been successful but some of it not so successful which led to a bit of refining. I have a good collection of  cook books which I do look through, but I have never been one to follow recipes. I tend to use them more for inspiration to adapt in creating something a little bit different. The DonnaLulu Cooks ethos is baking traditional sweet & savoury breads, puddings, cakes, bakes and jams with a twist. Something a little bit different, but not so unfamiliar it doesn’t work or people are put off trying it. I am always thinking of new recipes I can make with local produce and fresh ingredients that are in season or using those we have picked or foraged ourselves. It’s important to me to use good quality produce in my recipes; Organic, Fair Trade, locally grown, sourced or foraged for good flavour and good quality.

It’s inspiring and satisfying to see people taste the food I have cooked, talking to them about what goes into it and where the ingredients have come from. I want to pass on that inspiration in the kitchen, getting everyone to try something different, get cooking and get the younger generation involved in the process. Be inspired!

Come and see us at the Thrapston Farmers market on the first Saturday of each month, Higham Ferrers Farmers market on the last Saturday of the month and various local food events throughout the year. Or contact me through Facebook; DonnaLulu Cooks, mobile 07581 244810 or email me donnalulucooks@btinternet.com.